Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Eye Love Ozzy Giveaway

Hey everyone,I am having my first giveaway contest and it is all thanks to my good friend Erica Bird. But the one who should be thanked is her! See awhile back Erica and her family decided that they wanted to add a new addition to there family and no it was not another little bundle of joy,but a boston terrier named Ozzy. Prior to Ozzy going to the rescue he had been abused and was left with only one good eye. But Erica and her family decided to love him anyways and took him home to there house in Michigan. Now as you know Ozzy was abused before they adopted him and he had already lost one of his eyes due to an ulcer,so he only has one good eye left. Soon after they got Ozzy home they started to notice that something might be wrong with his other eye,so off they went to the vet only to hear some not so good news. The vet then diagnosed Ozzy with indeed another ulcer. So they decided to take Ozzy to an ophthalmologist but for doggies. He told Erica and her family that Ozzy would have to have several visits and even eye surgery to correct the ulcer and cataract that had taken over his other eye! The only way to possibly get this taken care of and Ozzy back to his normal self is the eye surgery and with everything included will be a grand total of $4000. Of course Erica wants to have this done for there beloved member of there family Ozzy.

Here is Ozzy and Erica

So this is when Erica got the idea to make homemade doggie treats which are not only delicious but safe for dogs(as no chocolate is used) only peanut buter and yogurt and decided to sell them on Etsy to save up enough money for Ozzy's operation. So far she has made and sold over 1000 doggie treats from her Etsy shop Eye Love Ozzy

Erica makes all of her doggie treats right in her own home. She is on her way to saving up the money and has even received some generous donations but she still needs our help. For those of you that wish to purchase them you can head on over to her Etsy site and purchase them right on there.

But Erica has been generous to give me some for this giveaway so that your dog can get a taste of what Erica's treats for doggies are all about!

Here are what they look like(Even good enough for me to eat)

So you wanna know what you can win?
Winner will receive 100 treats from Eye Love Ozzy
You can make all frosted, all not, or half of each.

Here is what you have to do

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  1. Woo Ive done all LOL!

    reviews N giveaways (:

    Zeus says hopefully we'll win! He loves frosted treats!!!


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